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Australian gold range

For over 20 years, the Australian Gold® brand has continually produced lotions with superior bronzing power, advanced skincare and unbeatable results. The Australian Gold Accelerator™ lotion continues to be the number one seller in the industry. New technologies such as DermaDark® blend keep Australian Gold in the forefront of the industry as the most recognised brand in indoor tanning.

SUPRE TAn product range

Building on 22 fantastic years in the professional sun and skin care industry, Supre offers an exciting array of indoor tanning products designed for maximum performance and sensational skin care. The finest ingredients come together in formulations that fit each tanner's unique needs.

Devoted Creations range

Devoted Creations is dedicated to manufacturing and providing tanning salons with quality indoor tanning lotions & skin care products for the sole purpose of achieving healthy vibrant tans while rejuvenating and keeping your skin looking younger than ever. Devoted Creations has unleashed several high-end award winning indoor tanning lotions that meet your tanning needs precisely. Choose your favourite scent and darkness level from various luxurious tanning lotion lines.

Tanovations range

Category: Natural Bronzer

If you crave sunshine kisses and summertime wishes, then escape to the tropics with Caribbean Cool. This natural bronzing formula will impart streak free island dark results while also utilizing the Caribbean skin care staple, Jamaican black castor oil. Caribbean Cool helps slow down the signs of aging, help unblock clogged pores as well as soften and hydrate with the lushest levels of Vitamin E. If you dream of salt air in the middle of nowhere, then ride into the sunset with Caribbean Cool. Paradise awaits!

Body Butter range

Category: Intensifier

Maximum dark tanning results. A superb blend of extreme tanning optimisers with unique skin softening ingredients for a maximum deep,dark tan. Rosehip seed oil leaves your skin as soft as the day you were born and acai oil provides the highest amount of antioxidants for healthy vibrant skin.

Fiesta Sun

Category: Intensifier

Dark intensifier maximises your tan with Tyrosine for the ultimate tan. It has Tattoo Shield Technology to maintain the colour and vibrancy of your tattoos.

Hempz product range

Hempz Naturals tanning products are perfect for creating a dark, natural looking tan. This herbal indulgent formulas are enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil, skin nourishing extracts and essential antioxidants. The ecologically advanced ultra dark tan maximizer provides luxurious, moisturising skin care and exceptional dark tanning results that are 93% naturally derived and 100% guilt free!

FAKE BAKE selF tanning range

Fake Bake is a professional tanning product that has taken the tanning world by storm. Fake Bake means more than just a beautiful tan it contains some of the most powerful antioxidants and vitamins on the market. These ingredients combined will give you the richest, darkest longer lasting tan. Our Wash Off products are ideal for achieving an instant, natural looking glow. They do not contain any tanning agents therefore there is no need to wait to achieve your perfect colour.

The fox Tan

Pro Tan


Fab Brows - Eyebrow Kits

With two complementary shades our in one palette, our Fab Brows DUO is designed for a more personalised colour combination to create the right brow for you. Smudge proofSweat ProofWater ProofStays on for 24 hours


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